Guardians of Eden – Character Extras

Character Interviews:

WARRIOR REBORN (The Guardians of Eden Book 2)
KH LeMoyne interview of Characters

Interview #1. Briet & Ansgar – The following is a brief interview with one of the main characters from Warrior Reborn: Briet Hyden and her brother Ansgar, both Guardians of Eden.

1. You both fled as children to Eden’s Sanctum for protection against the virus that killed the adults of your race. What do you both miss the most about your life before hiding in Eden’s Sanctum?

 Briet – I don’t really remember my life before because I was so young when the virus swept through our people. I was lucky enough to have my brother with me while we were shielded inside the Sanctum’s perimeter. Not that everyone wasn’t always one big family in the Sanctum, but still. My brother has always been there for me.

Ansgar – My mother and father. I miss the things I know I would have learned from them. What bothers me more is that Briet will never know them, never benefit from what they had to offer. I was older but she was only six, barely out of diapers. (He pauses and shrugs). Okay, she was out of diapers, but there’s the whole losing teeth, and nightmares, and eating right, and…she was a little girl. Well, my parents would be really proud of her.

You’re rather proud of her.

Ansgar – She’s smart and she’s got this huge heart.

2. What was your worst fear in the last few months?

Briet – That my obsession with sticking to my guns would cause other people to get hurt. It’s happened before. Not I’m usually wrong or that people get hurt because of me, but still, my timing isn’t always the best. Life is also more dangerous now that we can leave the Sanctum. I always thought it would be better, easier but things don’t always go the way I plan. I didn’t want Jason or any of my young patients in the protocol to suffer because of my choices.

Stubbornness and obsession is a problem for you?

Briet – Hmm, I’d like to think that I am just really focused. It’s hard to see someone else’s side when you’re deep in your own path of reasoning.

Ansgar what about you?

Ansgar – Same worry, all the time. That something will happen to my sister. Only now I have to worry about her playboy doctor too, or else she won’t be happy.

Briet’s commitment to the covenant and the need to deliver on humanity’s souls doesn’t play into the picture?

Ansgar – No. We can’t go running around worrying about mankind. If Briet’s happy then the rest will all work itself out. She wants Jason, he wants her, and if they don’t get themselves killed—then it all works out in the long run.

3. What dreams did you have of your mate, of finding them, what they would be like? (Briet looks away a little uneasy and Ansgar just stares straight ahead)

Briet – My expectations were fanciful. I suppose growing up in Eden didn’t save me from every girl’s fantasy that my mate would be…somehow perfect, complying with my every wish in an easy sweet romance.

I’m gathering it didn’t turn out that way.

Definitely not. But I am very lucky. I don’t want the malleable puppet my fantasies would have produced. My dreams were, well kid stuff and Jason, he’s an incredible man.


Ansgar – I have no expectations.


Ansgar – None. Short, tall, fat, skinny, black, white, swirled in yellow, green, and purple—it won’t matter. Well, I hope not skinny, but however she turns out she’ll be perfect.

How can you know that?

Ansgar – She’ll be mine.

Interview #2 – Jason & Ansgar  – The following is an interview with one of the main characters from Warrior Reborn: Jason Ballard and the brother of Jason’s mate, Ansgar.

1. When did you realize that someone was targeting Briet with harm?

Jason – I didn’t feel comfortable after the incident with her car.

Ansgar – And after her apartment got ransacked.

Jason – And the incident at the shareholder’s function.

Ansgar – Which you didn’t tell me about until…

Jason – Yeah, and of course the shooting. So maybe from the beginning.

Ansgar (shrugs) – We are pretty much in sync on that. I didn’t even like her leaving the Sanctum.

2. Did you have any expectations about the woman you’d spend the rest of your life with?

Jason (leans back laughing) – I didn’t expect to be with any woman. I was more than just the proverbial commitment phobic male. I was determined to avoid a wife and kids at any cost. But I certainly never figured on a gorgeous pixie of a doctor. Much less one that I would have to follow around to keep her from absent mindedly getting herself killed while she’s trying to save every sick child she can take under her wing.

Really, you were willing to give up any chance at happiness before? Was Briet worth your change of plans?

Jason – Given my past, I always figured some risks aren’t worth taking, but for her, yeah it was worth it.

And your expectations, Ansgar?

Ansgar – I already answered this one in another interview, and no, I still don’t have any expectations. She can be whomever and whatever she is. Though I would like to formalize my preference for a woman with some meat on her bones and one I don’t have to get a crick in my neck talking to. Oh, and if she would stop taking her sweet time getting here that would be nice.

3. What one thing would you change over the last several months?

Jason – I’d have called my brother sooner. Then maybe some of these bad situations could have been avoided

Ansgar (lets out a sigh) – I won’t say it aloud. Murder’s a bad thing. But honestly, if I knew then what I know now. (The two men look at each other and nod).

Character Tidbits:

1.  Research Out-takes
 I write romance and urban fantasy, and to feed the muse, I read and research a lot of mythologies, fables, and religious principles. I’m no expert on any of these subjects though! But I am a lover of taking tidbits and daydreaming about ‘what if.’ Out of this process, I created the Guardians’ world, the rules that govern them, their individual powers, their homelands, and many of their difficulties.

Each book in the series focuses on a different Guardian from Eden’s Sanctum: their struggle to win the hearts and respect of their mates, their battle against the evil intent on destroying them, and their effort to realign the Guardian covenant to provide protection for mankind’s evolution. They represent different geographic regions of the world and so I read a lot of information, and search through too many name databases to mention. Cool, but a huge stack of info. This is the reason I print most of my research and keep huge binders with lots of Post-it tabs.

Sound pretty dry? Not really. I run across wonderful information – most of which I’ll never use in the story, but no information is wasted on the imagination.

Here’s an example. One of the main secondary characters in Warrior Reborn is Tsu. He is the Guardian weapons and defense master, and he and his sister Quan originated a few hundred years ago from an eastern province of China.

My Tsu loosely shares a name and some traits with Sun Tzu, from the Art of War fame. While the book, The Art of War, is a tangible item, there is mixed conjecture as to whether the Chinese general, Sun Tzu actually existed.

That said there are some fun mythologies and stories about Sun Tzu.

One being that King Ho-Lu tested Sun Tzu’s skills by ordering him to train the king’s harem as soldiers. Hmm, you can see this problem coming miles away. As the story goes, two of the King’s favorite concubines were positioned in command of the remaining hundreds of concubines. Ordered to perform their maneuvers, the concubines…giggled. To be fair, Sun Tzu gave them a second chance. The giggling repeated. Tzu had the two favorite concubines executed, beheaded. His resolve and judgment was tied to the idea that “If the instructions are not clear, if the orders are not obeyed, it is the fault of the general. But if the instructions are clear and the soldiers still do not obey, it is the fault of their officers.” The two women were replaced with a clear message sent to the troops and needless to say, further training efforts went smoothly.

That character profile didn’t fit with my Guardian Tsu character, but I loved the trivia and the notation remains in my series notebook – never know when you might be able to use, reuse, or twist some detail.


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