Portals of Destiny

The Portals of Destiny Series: romantic fantasy

The Portals of Destiny Book 1

RETURN OF THE LEGACY (The Portals of Destiny Book 1)
One pair of sentinels stands guard against Evil’s return home.

Lauren McQuillen of the Columbus Examiner gives 5 Stars: “… it is a hard book to put down and you will find yourself reading into the night. If you enjoy fantasy romance with high magic, I definitely recommend this book. It will be a series to add to your keeper shelves.”

Heather Davis, “Book Savvy Babe” give 4 Stars:  “…I was captivated.  Right from the start, the plot was engaging, the characters appealing, and there was a compulsion to keep reading.

Published by Black Opal Books: In Ebook formats, paperback available July 2011

Blurb :
Three magical dimensions…
Two mystical bloodlines…
One undeniable destiny.

Born a magical empath, Logan MacKenzie has spent his life protecting his family from discovery. Evil has found them anyway. What begins as Logan’s search for answers on Earth becomes a race for survival in the magical dimension of Loci. The battle to save those he cares about will reveal his true lineage—bloodline of the Makir, half of a pair of sentinels to guard the mystical portals between dimensions. The price of his acceptance—a love he never imagined possible and a heartbreaking choice.

Her family attacked, her home destroyed and now stranded on Loci, Briallen of Tir Thar, descendant of a magical race, has only to summon the power within her to return to her own dimension—or so she hoped. Unfortunately, her powers aren’t complying and the sorcerer bent on her family’s destruction will stop at nothing to possess her. Raised without knowledge of the portals, the Makir guardians, or her own destiny, Bri takes a leap of faith in an alliance with Logan. Embracing an uncertain power and accepting his goals as hers, offers the only way home. The consequences of their failure—allowing the portals to fall to evil—will deliver the destruction of every magical dimension throughout space.

Return of the Legacy Location Shots and Details

Coming soon:

A Portals of Destiny Novella

DRAGON RIDER’S GIFT (available Winter 2011)
In the world of Tir Thar, beyond the borders of Brennagmore, reside the warrior teams renowned in skill and courage. One dragon, one rider, one princess to guide their fate … the tales begin.


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