Short Story publishing and Amazon Fire

This is primarily a writer posting. I’ve run across a few things I think are worth highlighting for fellow writers, though the last item is for readers as well. First I have a small segue so please bear with me.

I spent this last weekend at the Baltimore Book Festival and participated on a panel Sunday on Considerations for Self-Publishing. Given all of us on the panel are published in both traditional as well as self-publishing venues, we’d hoped to offer some perspective and answer questions for inquiring minds. I was very heartened by the response. And let me coach this by noting that our panel was at the end of the day on the third day of the Festival. We had surprisingly good attendance and great positive audience with a broad range of questions. Thank you, to those who showed up. This was my first time developing a panel and participating and I really enjoyed meeting and discussing the process of this business with all of you.

Okay, on to Writer Items. Two blogs today to take note of:

  • As always, J.A. Konrath is very open and inspirational about his traditional publishing journey and his embrace of self-publishing. He also highlights other NY Times authors making the transition but today’s author was trying a different approach with his foray into self-publishing. His guest today, Rick Mofina, has 12 bestsellers and has now self-published several of his short stories—the key here is that he tells of his journey with this effort, which I found to be of interest on Konrath’s blog today
  • For short story writers, here’s an interview of several well-established authors and their take on the market for short fiction, bundling work, and reader response at

Finally, for all, more leak about tomorrow’s announcement about the new Amazon Tablet, Amazon Fire targeted for November release. Here are two takes, and they both look intriguing and I’m looking forward to the announcement.

Appboy (a more detailed overview)

David Gaughran’s blog (an update)


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