Author Interview: LW Herndon

While I’m a romance author, I actually read a good deal of straight urban fantasy stories (non-romance), many with male protagonists. My non-romance to-read pile is actually higher than the romance pile, at this point. I suspect because it’s a wonderful escape.

I’m always on the lookout for new urban fantasy authors, especially ones that plan to develop a series. Having read and enjoyed the first book, The Mark of Kane, I invited LW for an interview

KH: Can you tell us a little about The Mark of Kane and the Thaddeus Kane series?

LW: The Mark of Kane, the first in the Thaddeus Kane series, is set in current day Los Angeles. It introduces Kane, a young man of dubious origins, the demon clan that has sheltered and used him, as well as a cast of potential allies and adversaries. Kane is a survivor but not everyone around him is so lucky and collateral damage really pisses him off. The path of this book defines Kane’s loyalties for the series, the lines he’ll cross and why, and the people he respects and is willing to suffer for. The story weaves back and forth between fantasy and present day with a mix of demons, sorcerers, wizards, and other magical creatures as a constant backdrop.

KH: So I hope that you’re saying we’ll get to see more of the cheeky demoness, Decibel, and the rebellious Irin, Jezrielle? And what of Shalim’s demon clan?

LW: Definitely, all of the above. Decibel and Jez, play strong roles in book 2, with some new magical characters, and more of Naberius and Shalim’s warriors.

KH: What is your favorite part of being an author?

LW: I get to rule the world! Just kidding. I do get to create a fun world of cool supernatural creatures and manipulate their lives at my whim. That sounded almost as bad as world domination, didn’t it? In truth, I wanted to be a comic book superhero and creating my own characters is probably as close to doing that as I’ll get. Which is great.

KH: What has surprised you the most about response to the book?

LW:  To be honest, I’ve just started to get reader response and reviews via BookRooster and the overall feedback is really good. I’m very excited. I did find it surprising that the readers compared the book to urban fantasy romance authors like Ione, Singh, and JR Ward. I thought the major draw would be for readers who follow Jim Butcher, Rob Thurman, and Anton Strout, but my reviewers have really enjoyed the story. I’m thrilled they had a good experience and want to develop the series so they’ll enjoy coming back for more.

KH: Share with us a random fact about yourself that would surprise your readers.

LW: I write because I can’t draw or paint. This is the creative expression that works for me, but I have an incredible respect for artists: physical, digital, and film because they deal with a visual medium. I throw game developers into that category as well because, in my mind, video games are just the next evolution of storytelling. And the graphics these days are great.

KH: What’s next for you?

LW: I’m working on the second book in the Thaddeus Kane series, currently titled Birthright. The first book reveals who Kane is. Book 2 reveals why he exists and his path, which will drive the next several books in the series. I’m also framing the first Demon Tales novella that will be exposing some back history for the demon Naberius from the Kane series. I expect to have both out by spring of 2012.

KH: Where can we find out more about you?

LW: I’m available on my blog, I’m aiming for more consistency on posting but readers can find me there and I’m usually checking out new gaming videos, fantasy movies, and cool depictions of the things that go bump in the night. Can you tell that I’d love to have a talent to supplement my desire to tell stories?

Thank you for the invite, KH.


Demons, sorcerers, immortals – a little evil goes a long way

Human sorcerers bent on power are disrupting the underworld with demonic possessions and L.A. with murders. Half-demon, half-human, Thaddeus Kane is the bloodhound for his clan, charged with finding the sorcerers and destroying them. His personal rules have always been clear—save his clan, protect innocents, and survive. Solicited for help by a demon from another clan, Kane’s first instinct is to blow her off. Until she dangles his one weakness beneath his nose—a mortal threat to prophetic children. Loyalties stretched in his race to find pre-emerging Irins and wizards, Kane struggles to ward off the danger to his clan. His previously harried, but manageable, life now swirls with secrets, until one fatal shot changes everything he believed about his past, turning the table on enemies and allies alike. Available for Kindle


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  1. Denise Z says:

    Thanks for sharing with us today, The Mark of Kane sounds like an interesting read and I will be checking it out. Don’t think I am fooled about the just kidding about ruling the world LOL – my son is plotting the same as we speak 🙂

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