Indie Publication for Best Selling authors

Perhaps I should have phrased this as “bestselling authors who have decided to self-publish their backlists.” Not as sensational, but just as relevant. Turmoil churns in major writer’s organizations between those who feel self-published authors and the lack the professionalism in their work. Surprising to me, given that most of the indie authors I’ve spoken with work incredibly hard to produce quality/ They hire professional editors (many who freelance from their traditional editing roles – yep, same editor), cover designers, and expend hours on promotion.

There is a lot of emotion about this issue and little actual objective, or even calm, feedback.

So I was pleasantly surprised when one of my favorite bestselling authors, Michelle Sagara, decided to publish her backlist of stories and annotated her efforts in her blog. Here’s her start and after having come up for air from the second round of editor feedback from my own books (as they head into a final editor phase in prep for paperback releases), I was heartened to find someone else in the same boat.

Here is the first of her refreshing perspectives on her trail to indie publish these stories. She is still traditionally published through Luna and Daw for her series books. I hope indie and traditionally published authors will enjoy her take. And if you follow along on her blog she notes some issues with taking stories that were written…well, a while back and updating them for the current marketplace.

I recommend starting here, and working your way forward:

Some facts about self-publishing in 2011  (wonderful truths on editing and errors)

Several other posts work through her process with covers, uploads, and additional work required.

I should state that I have never met or spoken with Michelle Sagara. I have read each of her Chronicles of Elantra Series and eagerly await each new book. She’s a wonderful writer and, frankly, in a rather insane business seems to be a rational person.


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  1. andrea says:

    The facts stated are very true. Those are the essential considerations when self publishing. Designing the cover of the book up until the choosing which promotional efforts to utilize are critical to the success of any publication.

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