Fantasy: Dragons and Television

I’m an author of several romance series: fantasy, paranormal and futuristic. Each one blends a human world with one of fantasy. How fantasy creatures and supernatural elements evolve to capture the imagination is a process. The more vibrant images stay with you whether you’ve read them or watched them on screen. My interest is riveted by clear, compelling, and multi-faceted depictions of dragons, wizards and magical powers – and surprisingly, I feed that imagination more with visual scenes than with the writing of other authors. I watch movies and TV shows, follow fantasy cover artists, and catalog images to create my own stories.

The key for me is a strong visual. The easiest and perhaps most fun, subject to review is the dragon!

In my opinion, a good dragon enumerates embodies specific qualities: undisputed command of the air, covetous of their hoard, fierce domination of their domain and, of course, magical powers. Rather like this:

Observe the golden hoard, those wings, fire, and get a load of the muscles!

Because I write romance as well as fantasy and paranormal, I like to see depictions of powerful dragons who could shed their scales and morph into men and women with needs as insatiable as their dragon counterparts—but that’s not a requirement.

One of my latest favorites made his appearance in the recent SyFy series, Merlin, with John Hurt playing the voice of the The Great Dragon. This portrayal is a fun, new depiction on a human / dragon relationship. Not to mention that the dragon is allowed gestures and characteristics which relay as much about his mood as his cryptic dialog. By SyFy’s own notation on the site, The Great Dragon has these characteristics:

Personality: Selfish, manipulative, enigmatic, wise, omniscient

Magical abilities: Breathes fire, can fly and talk to Merlin telepathically. Can break enchantments.

Definitely good fire breathing ability is key. And personally, I like a nice barrel-chested dragon with gorgeous scales. No scrawny, reptilian creatures need apply. While I’m not quite sold on the dragon flight scenes in Merlin, the close ups between the dragon and the young wizard contain a lot of detail. The Great Dragon lacks scales—though I get scales probably don’t make for an aerodynamic creature, so I’m willing to give up on one of my expectations to see more snout, ridgelines, strong clawed forearms, and wings. All are here for this ancient creature. Got to love the wings.

My list of traits is growing: large framed dragon stature, powerful, omniscient (for a creature that lives for eons this seems like a given), intelligent, scales (had to throw that in), incredible wings, huge fire potential, ownership of a large hoard, magical abilities. I’ll add a good sense of humor, because who can survive for millennia without one?

I plan to review fantasy characters and elements across artistic mediums as an ongoing theme in my blog. This series about dragons will post in four parts over the next four weeks:

April 16th – great dragon movies.
April 22th – great dragon book covers and characters
April 23rd – (a break to discuss other paranormal favorites on TV)
April 29th – my favorite dragon artists

I would love for people to comment back, to share their favorites dragons, features, and movies or TV shows which feature cast dragons – and if you don’t like my selections all I ask is that you nominate one of your own.




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