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My KH Lemoyne blog will now be moving to another hosting site. For anyone this is following me, I apologize. I know this is an inconvenience but I can’t port followers. Alas.

So if you would still like to follow my blog and my updates, you can find me at my new KH LeMoyne Blog site

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Thesaurus Thursday

Reading through books by some new authors lately, I’ve developed a trend for highlighting unusual words choices. For those that may not be familiar with writing guidelines, typical commercial adult fiction is targeted at word choices that meet a high school grade level (9-12th grade). A rather informal test put Stephen King’s books at 5th or 6th grade reading level (BellaOnline). That sounded low to me when I first heard it, partly because, well it sounds low. But it makes sense from a ease of reading standpoint for a broad audience. It also keeps the pacing of the stories brisk. You wouldn’t want to bog readers down sending them to the dictionary all the time.

Newspapers are targeted at the 10th /11th grade reading levels (Plain Language). Here’s an older discussion  on this (Plain Language) that flagged the Times of India at a 15th grade level and one of the most difficult newspapers to read. If you have content that you want to test, you can bring it into Word and use the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level function (run through checking spelling and grammar at the end of the document and you can choose to display information about the reading level and readability scores).

But I digress.

I enjoy reading books that spin words in a different descriptive fashion and tend to push those reading levels. Not all the time. I like a brisk pace too, but I like to read different things and I don’t typically use the words I’m highlighting. They caught my eye and were used in a interesting fashion, so I thought I’d go through this exercise. I have also put in one or two words that are often targeted as misspellings but aren’t. Many times we expect to see certain words together, and when a new combination appears or a new word is injected the instinct is to assume the word choice is incorrect or a typo.

So to start, book excerpt/snippets for some creative word usage:

  • *A cataract of strawberry blond hair fell in ripples. (cataract referring to a less used definition of waterfall or downpour, not hazing lens of the eye)
  • *…ophidian gaze (ophidian referring to ‘like snakes’)
  • *…adamantine knot (adamantine  as in rigidly firm, resembling a diamond in hardness – not surprising that Wolverine skeleton is lined with adamantium – a fictional word)
  • **…vertiginous trail (as in vertigo – this one’s pretty straightforward but not usually seen used in this fashion)
    … given them a scrofulous appearance (as in morally contaminated, a diseased run-down appearance)
  • **…touch of red left in the incarnadine sky. (the pinkish color of flesh – a very exacting word)
  • **…they found his bedchamber turned into an abattoir (slaughterhouse – needless to say, this is from a thriller book)

*From books by Kat Richardson
**From books by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

And words that are often flagged as misspelled/ misused but aren’t:

  • Magick for magic (the first is an old English form of the word – so magick is an acceptable alternative for magic. Especially in stories with myth and historical basis. This doesn’t discount an author creating words to suit their world building. Heck, if George Lucas can do it then everyone else should be able to also.)
  • roiling emotions (yes, roiling, as in stirred, turbulent, and agitated  – not boiling)
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Short Story publishing and Amazon Fire

This is primarily a writer posting. I’ve run across a few things I think are worth highlighting for fellow writers, though the last item is for readers as well. First I have a small segue so please bear with me.

I spent this last weekend at the Baltimore Book Festival and participated on a panel Sunday on Considerations for Self-Publishing. Given all of us on the panel are published in both traditional as well as self-publishing venues, we’d hoped to offer some perspective and answer questions for inquiring minds. I was very heartened by the response. And let me coach this by noting that our panel was at the end of the day on the third day of the Festival. We had surprisingly good attendance and great positive audience with a broad range of questions. Thank you, to those who showed up. This was my first time developing a panel and participating and I really enjoyed meeting and discussing the process of this business with all of you.

Okay, on to Writer Items. Two blogs today to take note of:

  • As always, J.A. Konrath is very open and inspirational about his traditional publishing journey and his embrace of self-publishing. He also highlights other NY Times authors making the transition but today’s author was trying a different approach with his foray into self-publishing. His guest today, Rick Mofina, has 12 bestsellers and has now self-published several of his short stories—the key here is that he tells of his journey with this effort, which I found to be of interest on Konrath’s blog today
  • For short story writers, here’s an interview of several well-established authors and their take on the market for short fiction, bundling work, and reader response at

Finally, for all, more leak about tomorrow’s announcement about the new Amazon Tablet, Amazon Fire targeted for November release. Here are two takes, and they both look intriguing and I’m looking forward to the announcement.

Appboy (a more detailed overview)

David Gaughran’s blog (an update)

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Author Interview: LW Herndon

While I’m a romance author, I actually read a good deal of straight urban fantasy stories (non-romance), many with male protagonists. My non-romance to-read pile is actually higher than the romance pile, at this point. I suspect because it’s a wonderful escape.

I’m always on the lookout for new urban fantasy authors, especially ones that plan to develop a series. Having read and enjoyed the first book, The Mark of Kane, I invited LW for an interview

KH: Can you tell us a little about The Mark of Kane and the Thaddeus Kane series?

LW: The Mark of Kane, the first in the Thaddeus Kane series, is set in current day Los Angeles. It introduces Kane, a young man of dubious origins, the demon clan that has sheltered and used him, as well as a cast of potential allies and adversaries. Kane is a survivor but not everyone around him is so lucky and collateral damage really pisses him off. The path of this book defines Kane’s loyalties for the series, the lines he’ll cross and why, and the people he respects and is willing to suffer for. The story weaves back and forth between fantasy and present day with a mix of demons, sorcerers, wizards, and other magical creatures as a constant backdrop.

KH: So I hope that you’re saying we’ll get to see more of the cheeky demoness, Decibel, and the rebellious Irin, Jezrielle? And what of Shalim’s demon clan?

LW: Definitely, all of the above. Decibel and Jez, play strong roles in book 2, with some new magical characters, and more of Naberius and Shalim’s warriors.

KH: What is your favorite part of being an author?

LW: I get to rule the world! Just kidding. I do get to create a fun world of cool supernatural creatures and manipulate their lives at my whim. That sounded almost as bad as world domination, didn’t it? In truth, I wanted to be a comic book superhero and creating my own characters is probably as close to doing that as I’ll get. Which is great.

KH: What has surprised you the most about response to the book?

LW:  To be honest, I’ve just started to get reader response and reviews via BookRooster and the overall feedback is really good. I’m very excited. I did find it surprising that the readers compared the book to urban fantasy romance authors like Ione, Singh, and JR Ward. I thought the major draw would be for readers who follow Jim Butcher, Rob Thurman, and Anton Strout, but my reviewers have really enjoyed the story. I’m thrilled they had a good experience and want to develop the series so they’ll enjoy coming back for more.

KH: Share with us a random fact about yourself that would surprise your readers.

LW: I write because I can’t draw or paint. This is the creative expression that works for me, but I have an incredible respect for artists: physical, digital, and film because they deal with a visual medium. I throw game developers into that category as well because, in my mind, video games are just the next evolution of storytelling. And the graphics these days are great.

KH: What’s next for you?

LW: I’m working on the second book in the Thaddeus Kane series, currently titled Birthright. The first book reveals who Kane is. Book 2 reveals why he exists and his path, which will drive the next several books in the series. I’m also framing the first Demon Tales novella that will be exposing some back history for the demon Naberius from the Kane series. I expect to have both out by spring of 2012.

KH: Where can we find out more about you?

LW: I’m available on my blog, I’m aiming for more consistency on posting but readers can find me there and I’m usually checking out new gaming videos, fantasy movies, and cool depictions of the things that go bump in the night. Can you tell that I’d love to have a talent to supplement my desire to tell stories?

Thank you for the invite, KH.


Demons, sorcerers, immortals – a little evil goes a long way

Human sorcerers bent on power are disrupting the underworld with demonic possessions and L.A. with murders. Half-demon, half-human, Thaddeus Kane is the bloodhound for his clan, charged with finding the sorcerers and destroying them. His personal rules have always been clear—save his clan, protect innocents, and survive. Solicited for help by a demon from another clan, Kane’s first instinct is to blow her off. Until she dangles his one weakness beneath his nose—a mortal threat to prophetic children. Loyalties stretched in his race to find pre-emerging Irins and wizards, Kane struggles to ward off the danger to his clan. His previously harried, but manageable, life now swirls with secrets, until one fatal shot changes everything he believed about his past, turning the table on enemies and allies alike. Available for Kindle

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Author Interview: LJ DeLeon

I’m very pleased to have urban fantasy author LJ Deleon answer some questions about her incredible new  Warriors for Light Series and tell us about her first book, Warrior’s Rise.

KH: Please tell us about your series, Warriors for Light. What worlds encompass the battleground between good and evil, and what are the ultimate stakes?

LJ: Warriors for Light is a dark fantasy/paranormal romance series. I’m lucky in that series are common in this genre. It also allows me to have strong secondary storylines—more than one—and vibrant secondary characters. The series takes place, here, now, and on Earth. But not the Earth we know…or is it? Reviewers have called it a fantasy romance, a paranormal romance, and an urban fantasy romance. It actually crosses all three genres.

Now, with the rise of the Dark Lord and his demons roaming Earth, human norm society has been turned on its head. Belief systems are in turmoil. It’s become a world where the young Eagle Scout next door just might be a were-eagle, or your favorite running back is a werewolf, or—gasp—your benign-looking Senator is an evil black magick mage. And humans, who have always viewed themselves as being at top food chain, suddenly discover themselves prey.

Each book centers on the eternal struggle of good versus evil with love complicating—or is it simplifying?—the hero’s and heroine’s choices. To paraphrase Captain James T. Kirk, “Good can triumph over evil, but it must be very, very careful.” The Warriors for Light series and real life share similar fates. We struggle against odds. We see the best and worst of people in crucial moments.

KH: Tell us about Deva Morgan and Padraig O’Neill, and why you have chosen to launch your series with these two characters?

In Warrior’s Rise, Fae-human half-breed, Deva Morgan starts the book as a barkeep. She soon discovers her destiny is to lead the Army of Light against the Dark Lord of the Abyss and his minions, to save Earth and Otherworld from the forces of evil. While she has been trained all her life as a warrior, Deva is filled with self-doubt about her abilities. Her magickal abilities grow with her need and confidence. However to fulfill her destiny and walk in the Light, she must find love to center her and counterbalance this power.

Padraig isn’t what he seems. Oh sure, he is a full-blooded Fae warrior and has been sent by Queen Graciela of Otherworld to protect and train Deva. He is also aloof, a racial snob, and doesn’t understand why or how the Goddess could chose a half-breed as the next Cáidh Arm—the Goddess’ all-powerful Holy Weapon. After all, the first Cáidh Arm was a full-blooded Fae whose power was second to the Goddess. Whereas he is positive, Deva’s interment power surges will get them all killed. Oh, did I mention Padraig is also haunted by the death of his identical twin and he is Queen Graciela’s eldest son and heir to the throne.

Both Deva and Padraig must learn to trust and get past their guilt.

KH: What predisposes Deva Morgan, a half Fae-half human, to be chosen as the Goddess’ Holy Weapon for Great War between the Light and the Dark?

LJ: The Dark Lord, ruler of the Abyss, has designs on ruling Earth. Who is the Goddess’ chosen to lead the Army for Light against the Darkness? A half-breed barkeep named Deva Morgan. If there were anyone seemingly more ill prepared than she, I haven’t met her. Yet the Goddess has chosen wisely. Having a foot in each world helps keep Deva centered. It’s these very human qualities—the ones most supernaturals and the first Cáidh Arm denigrate—that keeps Deva securely in the Light. While she gains power and the Goddess’ blessing, she knows that as a half-breed she isn’t fully accepted by either of her races. Yet, her humanity, strength of character, and Padraig at her side ensures she stays in the Light—unlike the first Cáidh Arm.

Q: Your bio references your background working for the CIA and how it prepared you to write this series. What did you do for the CIA and how do you apply that in battle for the Light?

LJ:Working for the CIA and being an army brat combined have shaped my view of the world. Life isn’t always black or white, most of the time events, people, and choices are shades of gray. Not everyone is who he or she seems. A power Senator is actually an evil mage. A half-breed barkeep fights to save our world. An evil demon may not actually be evil or a demon. As for Deva, she learns with power comes hard decisions and the realization that in war decisions are hard and costly in lives and result in emotional scars.

KH: The war for the Light looks to be a long one, with multiple battles and multiple books. All a good thing for your fans. Given that many of the main characters reoccur in the books, what character do you see that will have the most profound change over the course of the series? Which one will have the most shocking change?

LJ: I believe readers will sigh over several characters. The gargoyle Fritz’s story is one. Sabina’s growth is another. And they will grin at what happens to Grace, the first Cáidh Arm—but that will be in the last book of the series. To say more would ruin their stories, and they deserve better than that from me. LOL

KH: The world of your stories is populated with old myth and new: angles, demons/daemons, shape-shifters, witches, druids, and gargoyles and I suspect there will be more. What has been the most fun to write and what type of research do you do for creating your characters?

LJ: I love history. I’ve studied Greek, Roman, Germanic, Norse, and Celtic myth, along with several religions. I’ve taken all of this, mixed it together, and turned it upside down. In most myth, and fantasy, there’s good and evil, but not shades of gray. I like taking a truly evil demon, then giving them a soft spot.

KH: Thank you for sharing with us and I understand you have two more books in the series out as well: Dragon Child and Absolution. I hope you’ll come back and tell us more about those books in the near future!

Contact information:

LJ DeLeon Books are at Amazon; B&N; Bookstrand; Smashwords; and other online stores

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LJ Deleon interviews Gargoyle – Fritz of Warrior’s Rise

I want to welcome LJ Deleon to the blog today. An author of a wonderful new romantic urban fantasy series, the Warriors for Light, she’s here to interview one of her most endearing characters in the first three books, Fritz. A gargolye with a mysterious and regal past, he brings insights to the major characters and circumstance of the the first book, Warrior’s Rise.

 Warrior’s Rise blurb: For Fae-human half-breed Deva Morgan, life as she knows it changes on her thirtieth birthday. One moment she’s a barkeep, the next she is a warrior fated to save Earth from the Dark Lord and his demon horde. Shunned by both her races, she faces a danger-filled quest with few allies. Too bad her powers haven’t fully emerged or stabilized.

For Deva it is life or death, on-the-job training with her companion, Padraig O’Neal, a Fae warrior with a shadowed past. Can he quiet the storm raging inside her, help her harness the growing power within her, and provide a barrier between Deva and a fatal outcome? Will their love be enough to save Deva and stop the Dark Lord’s demons from entering Earth?


LJ:      Mr. Fritz, you’ve known the current Holy Weapon of the Goddess, Deva Morgan, personally for some time now. Can you tell how that first meeting came about and what you think of Deva’s progress?

Fritz:  Come on LJ, you’ve known me your entire life. Call me Fritz. Mister makes me feel so old.

LJ:      Fritz, you are old, older than dirt.

Fritz:  He rolls his eyes. Not nice, LJ. As for Deva, I met her twelve years ago on her eighteenth birthday. She was all legs. (He shakes his head and chuckles.) Sometimes, she looked more like a windmill than a black belt in Aikido. Reserved and self-conscious, she had insecurities about being a half-breed—Fae and human—around all supernaturals. Most humans and supes aren’t nice to people who are different.

While her protection team loved her and nurtured her as a younger sibling, the loss of her father when she was twelve left a large hole in her life. I like to think I stepped into that role. She saw the real me beneath the gargoyle, and I saw a tough, little warrior desperate for acceptance. Over the past year or so, she’s grown into a leader. One capable of making the heartbreaking choices her role requires. Her mate, Padraig, is the perfect balance for her, unconditional love yet willing to tell her the truth, force her to face what’s before her, before all of us.

LJ:      You were also around for the rule of the first Holy Weapon, Grace. Why do you think her reign failed and how can Deva, a half-breed, succeed in her place? Come on, Fritz, just because you’re a gargoyle doesn’t mean you have to go all stony-faced on me.

Fritz:  Grace talked the talk of the Light, but never walked the walk. She was born to the role. Yes, she grew up with the Fae, but she was hIfreann born, a child of angelic priviledge. Her beauty hid a selfish core and she was loyal to only one being—Grace. I and nine other Seraphim were her bodyguards. Behind the power and austere beauty, Grace was a racist. To that end, she created Otherworld, separating the supe from the human norms, or monkeys as she called them. That was the beginning of her downfall and ended with a grab for total power and overthrow the Goddess.

Fritz’s grim expression clears and a small smile plays at the corner of his lips. Now Deva, she’s special. Unlike Grace’s exterior beauty, Deva is quick to laugh, and shines from deep in inside her with the Light. She glows. Her aura is love, with a core of steel I knew the moment I met her she was the true child born to be the next Cáidh Arm..

LJ:      Your role in Warrior’s Rise indicates you have a darker history in the battle of Dark against Light, that you’ve lived through the battles between Dark and Light before. How do you see this war as different and what are the key strategies the new Holy Weapon and her mate have to achieve to win the war?

Fritz:  I fear this war is about more than the Dark Lord and his minions. Raziel, King of the Seraphim, seeks retribution for acts of betrayal Grace committed. Human norms and supes have evolved in the last ten millennia, perhaps not for the better. Back then, everyone recognized evil and understood magick. Much has been lost in this age of technology. Yet, I see hope. With Deva as the Cáidh Arm, the Light has a chance to beat back the Abyss and forage a new and brighter path. But as with everything in life, it won’t be without cost.

LJ:      In your ‘objective observer’ role, do you find Deva and Padraig to be well suited to each other? What does she offer him that he’s never experienced? And what does Deva bring to Padraig’s life that makes her special—aside from great sex and being soul-mates, because honestly, just because fate decided two people should be together doesn’t mean they’ll actually are good for each other! LOL

Fritz:  LOL! LJ, get your mind out of the bedroom or wherever it is. Deva accepts Padraig, draws him out of his self-contained shell and makes him, for lack of a better expression, human. Although at first, I thought they would kill one another. Fate may have decided they belonged together, but neither one would deviate from their mission. Padraig, like every supe or Fae, was raised to think the Cáidh Arm’s role required purity, virginity and that he couldn’t touch, much less love, the woman. The last thing Deva considered in her role was a man at her side. Her focus was riveted to saving Earth from the Dark Lord, with her team at her side. Those two went through their own hell figuring out the Goddess’ true purpose. Praise the Goddess it all worked out.

LJ:      What do you feel is the most important key to winning the war?

Fritz:  Prepare for the worst. There’s always the threat of Grace—no one born in hIfreann can harm her. But for now the army must prevent the Dark Lord from escaping from the Abyss.

Contact information:
LJ DeLeon Books are at Amazon; B&N; Bookstrand; Smashwords; and other online stores

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Indie Publication for Best Selling authors

Perhaps I should have phrased this as “bestselling authors who have decided to self-publish their backlists.” Not as sensational, but just as relevant. Turmoil churns in major writer’s organizations between those who feel self-published authors and the lack the professionalism in their work. Surprising to me, given that most of the indie authors I’ve spoken with work incredibly hard to produce quality/ They hire professional editors (many who freelance from their traditional editing roles – yep, same editor), cover designers, and expend hours on promotion.

There is a lot of emotion about this issue and little actual objective, or even calm, feedback.

So I was pleasantly surprised when one of my favorite bestselling authors, Michelle Sagara, decided to publish her backlist of stories and annotated her efforts in her blog. Here’s her start and after having come up for air from the second round of editor feedback from my own books (as they head into a final editor phase in prep for paperback releases), I was heartened to find someone else in the same boat.

Here is the first of her refreshing perspectives on her trail to indie publish these stories. She is still traditionally published through Luna and Daw for her series books. I hope indie and traditionally published authors will enjoy her take. And if you follow along on her blog she notes some issues with taking stories that were written…well, a while back and updating them for the current marketplace.

I recommend starting here, and working your way forward:

Some facts about self-publishing in 2011  (wonderful truths on editing and errors)

Several other posts work through her process with covers, uploads, and additional work required.

I should state that I have never met or spoken with Michelle Sagara. I have read each of her Chronicles of Elantra Series and eagerly await each new book. She’s a wonderful writer and, frankly, in a rather insane business seems to be a rational person.

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New Movies & Indie Book Blowout

I’ve been in hibernation working on edits, and stories, and a wee bit of vacation but I’m perking back up now. So two bits of info.

The first is what looks like a fun new animated movie next year. Defiant Scottish princesses turned warrior and the narrative voice in the trailer of Gerard Butler. Really? What’s not to like. And the graphics look fun too. And I should mention, girl empowerment.

A fun new movie for 2012 – BRAVE

And second thing. he first ever INDIE BOOK BLOWOUT
*** SEPTEMBER 2 – 5 ONLY ***

To score dozens of FANTASTIC indie books for only 99¢, visit While you’re there, register to win a brand new Kindle & up to $100 in Gift Cards (entry form on the site).

To celebrate this exciting event, I’ve reduced the price on Betrayal’s Shadow to only 99¢!

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Sherpherd: Phoenix Book 2

Phoenix Book 2

Finally, available in ebook:

2180 A.D. –
One hundred and fifty years after genetically enhanced crops and livestock decimate the Earth with a lethal bacterial strain of Salmonella only twenty percent of the world’s population remains. Small pockets of civilization flourish, supported by computerized technologies and vaccinations against the bacteria, the new cities built over the ruins of the previous age. Regents, the owners of the technology, govern the interests of their individual cities—shining examples of progress and advancement.

In a race against time, the Down Below underground network plans for the rescue of one of their own from the Regent death squads. The success or failure of their plan hinges on the loyalty of a deadly former Regent guard and one of the most brilliant and dangerous weapon’s designers in New Delphi’s history.

CODE NAME: Shepherd
Designation: Ox 5348 4550 4854 5244
JOB: Underground intelligence/recon, monster of the Regent’s army
SHEPHERD: Clayton Ebris

JOB: Widow/Wife/Traitor/Weapon’s designer
KARMA: Esme Loures Vier

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And the Winner is ….

Announcing the Warrior Reborn: Guardians of Eden Book 2 winners  selected by random number generator ( ):

Grand Prize winner
– Sherry –

2nd Place winners
– Denise –
– Daniell –
– Julie –

Congratulations and all thank you to all the bloggers and readers who stopped by on the tour.  ~KH

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